Thursday, March 11, 2010

Artemis Fowl and Percy Jackson Wallpapers!!

This is just a little something that came out of a boring Thursday afternoon. As I had absolutely nothing to do, I decided to take the pics I had of my favorite series, re-size and cram it all together to make another wallpaper (1024x768). Here's the result :) ..........

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lighter Moments - In Fond Memory of 8th Grade Eng Classes

The following piece is the result of an extremely entertaining English lesson I had to sit through a while ago. It certainly isn't one I'm about to forget, though. You won't believe the kind of reminders a teacher stomping out of the classroom with a sulky look can give. :)

Italics - Horrible grammar
Bold - Horrible pronunciation

Anki is proud to present - the notes she has oh-so-carefully and most studiously taken in the single most educating English class ever attended.

Note : Heavy sarcasm to be kindly noted.

The Topic of Discussion : The Quality Of Merrcy by Willia Shakepeare.

A/N : Will the reader please take into consideration that any possible errors or warped words/nouns have been said/written due to great distractions like that of snickering fellow attendees?

Introduction to Chapter

Everyone is bounded by the law and must follow it blah blah blah....Bassanio was in a padhetic condition. If he only 'ad money he could cot Portia.

Act IV - Scene I

Gredge - Hatredness

Portia - Do u confess the bond?
Bassanio - I do. ( Prof puts on pathetic, groveling tone.)

Portia - The quality of mercy is not strain'd;
It droppeth as the gentle rain from the heaven
Prof's explantion of above mentioned lines : The mercy which are coming from the haven, (heaven) it will bless the giver and the taker......

scepter - pronounce as scripture only - Prof G has taken gr8 care to do so - only about three or four times without stuttering ( which means she is pretty sure abt what she is saying and that happens only so often even if she IS wrong. :D )

scepter - a decorated road (rod)

Prof pauses, glaring murderously (or trying to) at a bunch of sniggering guys in the last row, most mimicking her rather loudly.

"This has become the limit!" she snapped.

After glaring futilely for few minutes and tossing a few empty threats, she returned to the lesson.

Shylock : My deeds upon my head! I crave the law, the penalty and forfeit of my bond.
Prof's meaning : Don't worry, I haven't forgotten the bond. It's all in my head.]

Prophet - saint ( So, generally speaking any fellow walking about in a saint's saffron robes - which is very common 'round where I stay - can be called a prophet? :P )

Does anyone wonder why I get this overwhelming urge to bang my head on the table when I listen to one of her many speeches?