Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All too popular trends in YA Covers

I keep getting back to this. I can't help it. As much as I'm addicted to reading books, YA especially, I find myself getting annoyed more often than amused with the genre. I'd done a general rant a while back on characters and plot here. (That was more of a exasperated jabber than a coherent discussion, so don't go there if your looking for something with more substance. Just saying.)

This time around, my exasperation and forthcoming rant isn't character-centric. Rather, its the covers. Browsing around, I found some rather interesting discussions/blog-posts around the blogosphere on YA covers as of late.

Here are a couple of them:
YA’s Image Problem

And last but not the least……

Lookalike YA Covers List #1 

P.S - If you were gaping open-mouthed at that page with an incredulous look for quite some time, no worries there, you weren't alone.