About Me

Hey, everyone!

Meet myself, book-reader extraordinaire and a person whom u'll swear has to be slightly insane the first time we meet. I consider reading a sacred pastime and try to read a book a week and stuff as much reading-time as possible into my schedule.

I use this blog mainly vent my thoughts and frustrations about books, YA mostly though I'm trying very hard to read something other than fantasy. I'm not much into writing reviews as I have a lot of difficulty in exactly what  have in mind, but its getting slightly better these days, so ta-da! There comes the blog.

Unfortunately, the only thing I crave for - a library seems to be the only thing that seems determined to stay out of my reach. The library in school is cursed with a single shelf of novels and an extremely grumpy old lady as the librarian so it is a little difficult to get a hard-copy of a book I want.  Still hoping for one to be set up nearby, though..

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